What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

If it was not for the people at SERVPRO we would have never been able to return to our home and continue life as before the fire.  Thank you.

SERVPRO was brought in to clean the duct system after a fire in the system.  They were able to get the smell out so we can now get back to work.  Great to have a company out there that can do this type of work.

Have a rehab commercial property we are working on and found that the space had a fire prior.  We called SERVPRO to come take a look and in 3 days it was gone, the smell.  They use equipment, dry-ice and sealer and the structure was ready for us to continue our work.  Thank you for the help as I thought I was going to have a huge issue on my hands with the nasty smoke smell we uncovered.  Thank you.

Having to close down our family restaurant was such a sad day.  The fire was just to much for the building that we had to have it fully redone.  I was thankful that we had a company that understood the process and the insurance language so that we could rebuild and have a new, fresh restaurant to serve our clients.  Than you for being there for us in our time of need and the place looks great.  

Over night tarp of the roof and next day cleaning of the building so we could be open for 1 graduation party (high school), 1 retirement party (police chief) and 1 birthday party (70th)!  Our restaurant and our clients were so happy!  Thank you.

SERVPRO did a great job. I would highly recommend.